This is a digital studio for the Metamedia Lab (Stanford Archaeology), and in now increasingly dedicated to research and teaching in collaboration with the Revs Program at Stanford

The URL reflects an old affilation with Stanford Humanities Lab. Up until 2009 Stanford Humanities Lab and Metamedia combined to develop new models of collaborative research, to enable such collaborative work in transdisciplinary fields, to learn from project management in the sciences, to develop the model of studio collaboration found in Architecture and the Performing Arts - practice as research.

Metamedia explores new and old media as material modes of engaging with the world. Its perspective is long term and archaeological.

Until its evolution into several separate projects from 2009, Stanford Humanities Lab linked the Humanities with science, technology, and art - running and coordinating experimental projects that triangulated arts practice, commentary/critique, and outreach beyond the academy into industry and the public sphere.

The Revs Program is dedicated to researching and teaching the past, present, and future of the automobile - a case study in design history and automotive heritage.

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This site is based upon social software and collaborative authoring - it is constantly changing and growing - so please expect the ephemeral and incomplete as well as polished reflection!


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