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Dance and the Temple: interpretation and construction of heritage through a virtual site

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From July 15th 2000 to July 15th 2002, thanks to a generous collaborative grant awarded by the Getty Research Grant Program, a multidisciplinary project , involving archaeology, architecture, dance and art history was carried out in Oxford, London, Singapore and Java. The research team over that two year period was made up of the following people:

Dr Alessandra Lopez y Royo, Dance & Art Historian, Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Terence Braun, Director, Braunarts, London

Assoc Prof. Pinna Indorf, Architectural Historian,NUS, Department of Architecture

G Swati Reddy, Architect, Research Assistant, NUS, Singapore

Assoc. Prof. John Miksic Archaeologist, NUS Southeast Asian Studies Programme

G.Raghavendra Reddy, Visual designer & webmaster ICM, FASS, NUS

Prof. Dr. Edi Sedyawati, Dance &Art Historian, University of Indonesia, Jakarta

Mugiyono Kasido, Dancer and choreographer, Solo

Upali Nanda, NUS Department of Architecture, Research Scholar

A personal note

A website was set up by NUS in 2002-2003 to disseminate the outcome of the research. That website was taken off line a few years ago. In early 2008, after discovering the disappearance of the website - I even wrote a blog post about it for Archaeolog. I began re-uploading  some of that material on these pages, but I soon stopped as I became involved in other projects.  Since 2002 most of the team members have moved on.  We are no longer at the same institutions: I am at the University of Roehampton, Pinna and John have retired, everyone seems to have dispersed. These pages give an idea of what the Prambanan project was about. When we worked on the Prambanan site we were able to document it in full. As I convened the project, I have plenty of images and various records from those two years of work. Not everything can and should be uploaded. I am however keen that there should be some trace of the project and that some of its achievements, namely, the dance animation, should  be shared online. Animation has come a long way since 2002 and it has become extremely sophisticated. The animation created for this project is not as advanced but it was a very novel thing at the time. Since this project was completed, nothing more was done about a virtual exploration of the site, which we originally proposed to the Indonesian authorities. 
These pages have been dormant for some years but recently IGNCA have decided to publish the paper I read there in 2003  - see  IGNCA September 2003.
This has prompted me to revise it a little and to upload the animations on here  as the original websites listed in that paper, now part of a collection of essays entitled Art of Indonesia, are no longer active. 
Feel free to comment if you stumble upon this site, comments are always welcome.

Alessandra Lopez y Royo, London, 12 April  2013.


The 2000-2002 Prambanan project: a brief description


From the original website

New Book about Prambanan

Analysis of the dance reliefs

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