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for students who want to think and act philosophically...

Directed by James Collins and Corby Kelly

Stanford University, Summer 2007, July 2-27, Final performances: Saturday, July 28th, 11:00 AM, The Learning Theatre, Wallenberg Hall. Sessions run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. All sessions, except for the final performance will be held in Wallenberg Hall.

Welcome to the home page for Philosophical Stages, a four week multimedia program for Bay Area high-school students to develop specific skills of analytical thinking, effective communication, and cooperative learning. Students will cultivate their own natural interests in philosophy through fun, dramatic exercises and organized forays into ancient and modern history. By combining intellectual and dramatic approaches, we will explore exciting ways in which philosophical thought can impact the everyday life of individuals and communities. Under the guidance of two trained philosophers, professional actors and directors, Stanford professors and graduate students, undergraduate research assistants (from the 'Acting Socratic' seminar), as well as PS alumni, participants will write, direct, and perform adaptations of ancient tragedy and philosophical contests. Admission is granted through a tuition-free but competitive application process.

Our Mission Statement

Philosophical Stages is committed to addressing the need of high school and early-college students for independent and effective means of organizing their thoughts and confidently expressing themselves in a way that will prepare them for a university education and beyond. We provide an active, participatory, student-centered learning environment based on action-oriented theatrical exercises which facilitate explorations into ancient and modern philosophy. We believe that a philosophical education can be practical and functional for all students given encouragement, individualized attention, and the appropriate outlets for expression.

Please explore our interdisciplinary approach by following the links below. We are currently offering the program by competitive application, tuition-free. If you are interested in learning more about our Summer 2007 program, please send your questions by email or call 650-248-9673 / 415-279-1983.

2007 Philosophical Stages Players

Our Play: Birds

Our Play: Antigone

An Introduction

Philosophy in Action

Philosophical Performances

Philosophy and Adolescence

Multimedia Outlets

Representative Days

Evaluation of Impact

All visitors, participants, and instructors have access to read and write in this forum. Their ideas and evaluations are integrated into the program objectives while Philosophical Stages is in session.

Application Forms

Planning Sessions

Instructor Information

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