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Changes [May 11, 2015]

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Collaboratory at Stanford University

Located in our Archaeology Center

Archaeological research and pedagogy

in design and media materialities

- because archaeology and media are cognate companions

Take a look at our mission statement to see what we mean by this.

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(Image - Three Landscapes - Stanford 2001)

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Highlighted projects

Binchester Roman Town Excavations - A major archaeological project focused on the northern edges of the Roman empire in Britain began in 2009. An international team drawn principally from Durham University UK and Stanford California is excavating the Roman fort and town at Binchester and surveying its place in one of the richest archaeological landscapes in the world.

Anglo-American Antiquarians - an investigation of the Anglo-American antiquarian tradition and early modern science and the pre-disciplinary forerunners to archaeology. The argument is that antiquarian practices of documentation and recording should not be cast as a 'backwater' to later archaeological techniques. A primary goal will be to identify, gather and make digitally available for study approximately 2000 key works in the antiquarian tradition from Britain and the United States. The parent project is the construction of the Bibliotheca Universalis Antiquaria - a digital library and research environment devoted to the antiquarian tradition.

Archaeolog - a collaborative blog dealing in all things archaeological. Begun in 2004 the blog now posts original articles, reviews and commentary from over 40 international contributors. Photography/Archaeology: a collective photoblog exploring our contemporary archaeological sensibility. Running since 2004.

Ruin Memories - A ground-breaking international project working with the materiality, aesthetics and 'thingliness' of modern ruins. The Metamedia Lab hosts the project's wiki and many of the collaborators as visitors to the Stanford Archaeology Center - running Autumn 2008 - Summer 2013.

Ceramics - the materiality of a medium - new multidisciplinary and experimental research into ceramics - with Ian Hodder, Gail Mahood, Jody Maxmin - starting up January 2008. The Presence Project - official title - "Performing presence: from the live to the simulated - a major international research project involving 16 of the world's foremost performance artists and asking - What creates a sense of presence? A sense of "being there"? In performance. In a memory. In ruined remains. In an online community - [link]. Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council UK. Mobile Media 2015 - a major project in material culture studies with DaimlerChrysler as part of the new Industrial Affiliates Program in Stanford Humanities Lab. Topic - media in the car of 2015.

Life squared - the future of the museum explored as we revisit with artist Lynn Hershman a hotel room in 1972 and build an archival experience in a virtual world - part of the Presence Project and funded by the Langlois Foundation.

Stanford Strategy Center a major new collaboration building transdisciplinary bridges to a bigger picture to enable more informed thinking and decision making around matters of common and pressing human concern - applied humanities - applied archaeology

Co-creating cultural heritage - enabling communities build their own history and heritage using participatory software - funded by the Wallenberg Global Learning Network - September 2006 - September 2007.

[link] Critical Studies in New Media] - a research workshop funded by the Mellon Foundation and sponsored by Stanford Humanities Center. The theme for 2006/2007 was again "The politics of presence". You can follow our discussions here - [link]. 2007-2009 the workshop is taking a sabbatical break.

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collaboratory activity

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