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Metamedia ia a studio and lab that pursues research and pedagogy in design history and media materialities.

It is located online, in Stanford Archaeology Center, and has worldwide affiliates.

Metamedia combines archaeology and media, with an archaeological and long-term focus on how people get on with things, with media(works) treated as modes of engagement between people and things. Media as artifacts and prostheses as well as systems to convey meaning: we emphasize the materialities of mediation at the heart of design - the way the steel was burnished, the clay was turned, how the vessel connects makers and materials, users and contents in genealogies of containment, portage, representation ... whatever work gets done.

Metamedia - an archaeological media lab

An archaeological view of media

- there is an archaeological sensibility

at the heart of contemporary experience.

We are all archaeologists now ...

working on what is left of the past ...

mediating, (re)negotiating, recounting ...

Practice as research

Metamedia is

Archaeology is THE art/science, past/present,

of our social, cultural, material fabric

Here are some more notes on the idea of a Humanities Lab - [link]

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