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1959 born Jersey, Channel Islands.

1976 - 1992 Print, radio and television journalist, photojournalist for regional, and national press.

East Kent Mercury (NCTJ course, Harlow College, Essex); junior reporter and woman's editor.

Adscene, Canterbury; edition editor and reporter

Television South/Meridian, Kent; news producer and broadcast journalist (on location and newsroom)

Casual newsreporter on the Sunday Mirror (ed. Eve Pollard) ; freelancer for TV, radio, national newspaper and magazines, including the Sunday Times, the Guardian, She, World magazine. Features included reports from France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Indonesia, Tibet.

1988 Kent Journalist of the Year

1990 Reuter Journalist Research Fellow at Oxford (a sabbatical term, research in the changing role of the media in revolutionary Eastern Europe).

1992 - 1995 Mature undergraduate in Archaeology and Anthropology, St.Hilda's College, University of Oxford. FitzRandolph Exhibitioner.

1995 - 1999 D.Phil at The Queen's College, Oxford, archaeology doctoral thesis: "Fieldwork: archaeology in the poetic past of WB Yeats and Seamus Heaney". Selected for John Fuller and Eavan Boland's poetry workshops, Richard Attenborough's film project.

1997 to 1998 – Awarded Scatcherd European Scholarship to research thesis in Dept of English, Trinity College, Dublin. Selected for Ann Enright’s fiction workshop.

1999 - 2003 Hon. Research Associate, Institute of Archaeology, Oxford. Part-time lecturer (devised series on archaeology and the arts).

1995 - 2005 – Faculty member, ASA American High School Summer Program at Oxford, devising and teaching pre-college courses on archaeology and anthropology, journalism, creative writing.

2003 - 2005 Hon. Writer-in-Residence, University of Bradford. UK

2004 - present, part if the ongoing metamedia project at the Humanities Lab, Stanford University, California.

2005, 2007 & 2008 Teaching Faculty, University of Oklahoma, Oxford summer school, Archaeology Honors Program.

2005 - pres Hon. Writer Fellow, University of Bradford; Hon Research Fellow, Dept of Archaeological Science, Bradford, UK

2005 - 2007 Visiting Fellow in Dept. of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol (lecturing on Archaeology for Screen Media, Contemporary/Historical Archaeology).

2004 to present - Freelance presenter BBC Radio 3 and 4 (factuals), World Service (From Our Own Correspondent); freelance print and online journalist, including, the Sunday Times home and foreign news and magazine, Guardian and Guardian artsblog (see UK journalism since October 2007 at I have also contributed to the Sunday Mirror, New Scientist, Slow Food, Readymade, the V and A Magazine, She, World.

Awards and Fellowships

2008 Individual artist award, Arts Council England (for Mantel Pieces/Lost Property)

2007 Individual artist award, Arts Council England (for Leave-Home-Stay)

2005 Visiting Baldwin Professor of Art, Oberln College, Ohio, US (guest lecturing on archaeology and the arts)

2003 Shortlisted for Arts Council Writers Award.

2003 Shortlisted for Leverhulme Award.

2003 Finalist in BBC TV Factuals Talent initiative.

2002 Elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.

1990 Reuter Journalist Research Fellow at Oxford.

1988 Kent Journalist of the Year

Broadcasting/presentations include

2009 BBC Radio 4 "Sitting for Fay" (forthcoming, on Fay Godwin's portraits

2009 BBC Radio 4 "From Our Own Correspondent" report on surfing in Hawaii.

2008 BBC Radio 4/World Service "From Our Own Correspondent" report on Old Hawaiian culture in context of Obama election.

2008 BBC Radio 3 "It's Big and It's Beautiful: the Rise of Retro Tech" series of 4 programmes for The Essay, which I wrote and presented. Chosen for R3 podcast.

2008 BBC Radio 3 "Final Exposure" an exploration of the photograph Fay Godwin's home and studio. Chosen for R3 Podcast

2006 BBC Radio 3 “Leaving Home” Twenty Minute feature on domestic archaeology

2006 BBC Radio 3 “I'll Dig with it” - 40 minute Sunday feature on poetry and archaeology (chosen for BBC Radio 4 Pick of the Week)

2006 BBC Radio 3 “Yeats in Bits” Twenty Minute feature on the influence of ancient mosaics on the poetry of WB Yeats.

2005 BBC Radio 3 “The Glob Girls” Twenty Minute feature on the women who inspired PV Glob’s classic book about bog bodies, which inspired Seamus Heaney’s poetry.

2005 "Strange Powers" selected for 16th International Film and Archaeology Festival, Rovereto, Italy.

2004 Presenter, Cheltenham Science Festival, poetry and archaeology

2004 Panellist, BBC Radio 4, Start the Week (on retro tech and Silicon Valley)

2004 BBC Digital Storyteller (see Fragments at

2003 Presenter, Cheltenham Science Festival, on Silicon Valley.

Media appearances include:

Tech Nation, KQED, San Francisco; San Jose Mercury News; Wall Street Journal; the Economist; the Oxford Mail; Todd Mundt Show (NPR); Discovery Channel Canada; BBC World Service; BBC Radio Oxford; Bradford Telegraph and Argus; Bradford Community Radio; BBC Radio 4 Start the Week, BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour.



Silicon Valley photographs published in Artifacts (2001),

Stockholm mosaic cover image for Past Poetic (2004).

Travel and art images used online at wired,com and

Also to illustrates features in World and She magazines, and various regional newspaper stories.

Photographs of New Mexico used in Down a Rainbow video performance, Bradford (2004).


1996 Oxford and Cambridge May Anthology (ed Simon Armitage)

1997 The Reader, Oxford

1998 College Green, Trinity College, Dublin

Curating/visual art installation

2009, "Moving House" RIBA Architecture Week, solo art installation and events (in preparation)

2008, "Leave-Home-Stay: an exporation of the idea of home" photography and film in the Fringe Art event, World Archaeology Congress, Dublin

2008, "Mantel Pieces/Lost Property" RIBA Architecture Week, solo art installation and events. (Arts Council funded)

2007, "Wire(d)" site specific sculpture at the Vintage Computer Festival, Computer History Museum, Silicon Valley, California.

2007, "Leave-Home-Stay" RIBA Architecture Week, solo art installation and events (Arts Council funded)

2006, "Leaving Home: video version" at CHAT contemporary archaeology conference, University of Bristol.

2006, Summer School Fine Art Foundation, Slade School, University College London. Particpant in Final Show.

2005, 'Strange Powers' installed at Memoire Collective group show, St.Pancras Church Crypt, London (Arts Council funded)

2004, Sonya’s Office, with Richard Ducker, photography and sculpture at 21 New Fetter Lane, London

2004, Strange Powers: bog bodies and boglands, Gallery II, Bradford (Curator and video maker)

2004, Partners in Stone: Jacquetta Hawkes, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, a library exhibit at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK (Curator)

Popular archaeology includes

Contributing editor to Archaeology magazine, 1999 - 2003: features include ‘Forgiveness in the Sweat Lodge’, December 1999. ‘The Defence of Britain Project’, May 2000, ‘1900 House’ - television review, May 2000;‘Jacquetta Hawkes’ profile, Jan. 2001; on archaeology and computers in Silicon Valley, May 2001; Uffington White Horse, September 2001; In Praise of Small Museums, November 2001. For British Archaeology, feature on Jacquetta Hawkes and art (2004) responses to White Horse Hill and Stonehenge (2005) and on Leave-Home-Stay (2006).

Theatre and performance includes

2005 Workshops for actors on storytelling, International Theatre Workshop Festival, London.

2004 Co-writer, with Bradford Theatre Fellow Iain Bloomfield, "Down a Rainbow" (based on Hawkes and Priestley) University of Bradford.

1997 Publicity Assistant, Dublin Fringe Theatre Festival.

Publications (books and blogs):

The Lantern and the Laptop: Travels in Technology (in progress)

2007 - 2009 Leave-Home-Stay, in progress

Ice Without, Fire Within: a life of Jacquetta Hawkes (pub TBN)

2005, A life on line: Jacquetta Hawkes, archaeo-poet (at

2005, An archaeologist's year in Rome, art and archaeology blog, Metamedia Lab, Stanford.

2004, Past Poetic: archaeology in the poetry of WB Yeats and Seamus Heaney (Duckworth)

2003, Ancient Muses: archaeology and the arts (University of Alabama Press) co-editor with John Jameson and John Ehrenhard.

2001, Artifacts: an archaeologist’s year in Silicon Valley (MIT Press) paperback edition, 2002.

2001 Outside Archaeology: material culture and the poetic imagination (BAR) co-editor with Martin Henig.

I have presented and organised sessons at numerous academic conferences, including the World Archaeology Congress (Delhi, Cape Town, DC and Dubin), EAA, IFA, Computer and Heritage , Vienna, and gave the keynote at the IT edicator conference in New York. I have spoken regularly at the Vintage Computer Festivals in Silicon Valley, Munich and Boston. Workshops are an integral part of my three-year Leave-Home-Stay project in Deal, Kent, and I have lectured to public and academic audiences on art, poetry, archaeology and teh relationships between them.

Academic papers, book chapters, and essays include:

2008 The Edge Annual Question

2007 'The Dead and the Sleeping, How alike they are: a Case of Reverential Archaeology', in The Disturbing Past, eds Holloway and Klevnas, Archaeological Revew from Cambridge.

2006 'Darkness disseminated' in M.Brittain and T.Clack eds. Media's Past, Univ of London Press (in press).

2006 'Bog bodies and Bog Lands: Trophies of Science, Art and the Imagination' in Images, Representations and Heritage Moving beyond Modern Approaches to Archaeologymage meaning heritage: Movements beyond Modern Approaches to Archaeology, ed I.Russell, Springer-Kluwer, NY.

2005 The Edge Annual Question

2005 Contributor to What we Believe but Cannot Prove, ed. John Brockman, Free Press, NY/HarperCollins UK.

2005 The Problem of different technologies in the making of a short film (Strange Powers) in Proceedings of 2004 Workshop on Computers and Archaeology, Vienna.

2004 ‘Maybe art or artefact: Cornelia Parker and the body behind glass’ in special volume on Archaeology and the Arts, Archaeology Review from Cambridge, Spring.

2004 The Edge Annual Question

2004 Essay on Jacquetta Hawkes, New Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press.

2003 Strange Powers: bog bodies and bog lands, catalogue essay, University of Bradford, UK.

2003 The Edge Annual Question

2003 Devised and directed video installation, ‘Strange Powers’.

2004 ‘White Horse Hill’ a study of oral history and popularity, in Uffington Hill Fort excavation report, Oxford University and Oxford Archaeological Unit.

2003 ‘Capturing the Wanderer: archaeology and the filming of The English Patient’ in Ancient Muses.

2003 ‘Poetry and archaeology: the transformative process’, in Ancient Muses.

2003 ‘Bits and pieces: a mini survey of computer collecting’, Industrial Archaeology Review, winter.

2003/04 Contributor, Edge Foundation Annual Question.

2002 A little souvenir: The Marquess and the Mycenaean columns. Oxford Journal of Archaeology 21(1):1-12.

2000 ‘Ways of telling: Jacquetta Hawkes as film-maker’, Antiquity, vol. 74, March.

2000 'Art or Artifact: the bog body as image' in Archaeological Sensibilities, eds F Campbell, and J. Hansson, University of Göteborg.

1999 ‘Sex and “Coagulated Sunlight”: Butter in literary context’ in Food and the Arts: Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.

1999 ‘Words from kept bodies: the bog as inspiration’, in Bog Bodies, Sacred Sites and Wetland Archaeology, Proceedings of the 1996 WARP Conference ed. B.Coles, J.Coles and M.S. Jorgensen, Nat. Museum of Denmark, Prehistoric Society.

1997 ‘Leaving more than footprints: the problem of modern votive offerings at Chaco Canyon prehistoric site’, Antiquity, March, 1997.

1997 Archaeology contributor, Hutchinson Encyclopedia, Oxford and London.

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