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Los Angeles
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Brith Gof is internationally acknowledged as a leading experimental

performance company

- developing innovative ways of working across different media.

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Brith Gof is part of a distinct and European tradition in the contemporary performing arts - visual, physical, amplified, poetic and highly designed. Rather than focusing on the dramatic script, its work is part of an ecology of ideas, aesthetics and practices which foregrounds the location of performance, the physical body of the performer, and relationships with audience and constituency. Brith Gof's works thus deal with issues such as the nature of place and its relation with identity, and the presence of the past in strategies of cultural resistance and community construction. The company works at all scales, from small solo works of storytelling to large epic works staged in locations such as disused factories, sand quarries, ice hockey stadiums, railway stations, abandoned farmhouses and even deep in the forest.

This site is a work in this line. It deals with what remains of Brith Gof's performances. But this site is not an archive in the sense of a gathering of texts and images that are meant to represent the history of the company since its founding in 1981.

Brith Gof - a work of media archaeology

Instead we simply begin with a list or performances and invite anyone with an interest to add comment, memory, image, text.

Amendments, anecdotes, annotations. Re-workings, re-collections, re-presentations.

Just use the buttons at the bottom of this page.

Gododdin 1989

Los Angeles 1990

Llythyron o’r Nefoedd (Letters from heaven) 1991

Pax 1991

Pax: Y Fam, Y Ddaear a’r Angel (The mother, the earth, the angel) 1993

Patagonia 1992

Haearn (Iron) 1992

Y Pen Bas / Y Pen Dwfn (The shallow end / the deep end) 1994

From memory 1991-1995

Tri Bywyd (Three lives) 1995

Sawl Bywyd (Several lives) 1996

Once upon a time in the west 1996

Hafod - the plan, the elevation and the lunacy in his common sense 1997

Hafod - Bywyd mewn Wyth Cyfres Fawr (A life in eight great suites) 1997

Lla’th (Gwynfyd) (Milk (Bliss)) 1998

Body of evidence 1998

The first five miles/Rhyfel y sais Bach: The war of the little Englishman 1998

The man who ate his boots

Y Dyddiau Olaf / Y Dyddiau Cyntaf (The last days / The first days) 1998

Llais Cynan - On Forgetting / On Remembering (Cynan’s voice) 1999

Arturius Rex - DOA 1999

Camlann 1999

Prydain 1999

Three landscapes 2000-2003

For a complete chronology of performances, please go to Brith Gof: Chronology

Brith Gof - additional materials

Brith Gof in West Wales

Twenty Moments on Mynydd Bach

I Was Invited to this Island

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