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A life on line: Jacquetta Hawkes, archaeo-poet (1910 - 1996)

by Christine Finn

... I wrote the closing pages of Jacquetta's biography in the Etruscan landscape near Lake Bolsena, north of Rome. I glanced up to see Italan television showing images of Utzi, the "iceman" found in the Alps near Bolzano.

Jacquetta, the archaeologist, would have loved the new detail of discovery.

Jacquetta, the poet, would have wished Utzi a gentle thaw.

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Christine Finn

Diary in Rome

For more information e-mail Christine Finn: [email]; or for information on e-mail the Metamedia Lab@Stanford University: [email].

Posted at Aug 28/2005 11:48AM:
from Elise Kermani: Dear Dr. Finn, I am currently writing my PhD dissertation (Media Philosophy) and am using one of J. Hawkes books (First Great Civilizations) and would like to read more about her (and your) work. I will be doing searches, but perhaps you can lead me to some sources. For the last 20 years i have been a sound artist/composer, the field of archeology has always been a passionate interest of mine-(middle east-Iran/Iraq/Palestine) and now as a serious academic field, it is new to me. I would like to be more involved in conferences/discussions. Where are you located presently? Thank you, Elise Kermani

Isabel Rocomora, Residual archaeology

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