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Staff Scientist, Institute of Heritage Sciences (Incipit), Spanish National Research Council, CSIC (2009-).

Assistant Professor, Department of Prehistory, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) (2006 -2009)

MEC/Fulbright Post-doctoral fellow with the Stanford Archaeology Center (2005-2006).

PhD in Prehistory, Complutense University of Madrid, 2003.

BA in History, Complutense University of Madrid, 1999

Selected publications


González-Ruibal, A., editor (2013): Reclaiming archaeology: Beyond the tropes of modernity. London: Routledge.


González-Ruibal, A. (2012): From the battlefield to the labor camp: archaeology of civil war and dictatorship in Spain. Antiquity 86: 456-473.

González-Ruibal, A., Sahle, Y. and Ayán Vila, X. (2011): A social archaeology of colonial war in Ethiopia. World Archaeology 43(1): 40-65.

González-Ruibal, A. (2011): Digging Franco's trenches: An archaeological investigation of a Nationalist position from the Spanish Civil War. Journal of Conflict Archaeology 6(2): 96-122.

González-Ruibal, A., Hernando, A. and Politis, G. (2011): Ontology of the self and material culture: Arrow-making among the Awá hunter-gatherers (Brazil). Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 30(1): 1-16.

González-Ruibal, A., Picornell Gelabert, L. and Valenciano Mañé, A. (2011): Early Iron Age burials in Equatorial Guinea: the sites of Corisco Island. Journal of African Archaeology 11(1): 41-66.

González-Ruibal, A. (2010): Fascist colonialism: the archaeology of Italian outposts in Western Ethiopia (1936-1941). International Journal of Historical Archaeology 14(4).

González-Ruibal, A. and Hernando, A. (2010): Genealogies of destruction. An archaeology of the contemporary past in the Amazon forest. Archaeologies 6(1): 5-28.

González-Ruibal, A. (2008): Time to destroy. An archaeology of supermodernity. Current Anthropology 49(2): 247-279. With comments by Tim Edensor, Pedro Paulo A. Funari, Martin Hall, Cornelius Holtorf, Mark P. Leone, Lynn Meskell, Laurent Olivier, Nicholas J. Saunders, John Schofield and Andrés Zarankin.

González-Ruibal, A. (2007): Making things public: Archaeologies of the Spanish Civil War. Public Archaeology 6(4): 203-226. Document IconPublicArchaeology2007.pdf

González-Ruiba, A. and V.M. Fernández Martínez (2007): Exhibiting cultures of contact: A museum for Benishangul-Gumuz (Ethiopia).  Stanford Journal of Archaeology 5: 61-90. 

González-Ruibal, A. (2006): The past is tomorrow. Towards an archaeology of the vanishing present. Norwegian Archaeological Review 39(2): 110-125. With comments by Gavin Lucas and William Rathje: Norwegian Archaeological Review 40(1): 94-102 (2007).

González-Ruibal, A. (2006): The Dream of Reason. An archaeology of the failures of Modernity in Ethiopia. Journal of Social Archaeology 6: 175-201

González-Ruibal, A. (2006): Order in a disordered world. The Bertha house (Ethiopia). Anthropos 101(2): 379-402.

González-Ruibal, A. (2006): Past the last outpost. Punic merchants in the Atlantic Ocean (5th-1st c. BC). Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 19(1): 121-150.

González-Ruibal, A. (2006): House societies vs. kinship-based societies: an archaeological case from Iron Age Europe. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 25(1): 144-173.

González-Ruibal, A. (2005): The need for a decaying past. An archaeology of oblivion in contemporary Galicia (NW Spain). Home Cultures 2(2): 129-152.

González-Ruibal, A. (2004): Facing two seas: Mediterranean and Atlantic contacts in the NW of Iberia. Oxford Journal of Archaeology 23(3): 287-317.

Book chapters

González-Ruibal, A. (forthcoming): Modernism. In P. Graves-Brown, A. Piccini and R. Harrison (eds.): The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the Contemporary World. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

González-Ruibal, A. (forthcoming): Returning to where we have never been. Excavating the ruins of modernity. In B. Olsen and T. Pétursdóttir (eds.): Ruin Memories. Materiality, aesthetics and the archaeology of the recent past. London: Routledge.

González-Ruibal, A. (2013): Houses of resistance: Time and materiality among the Mao of Ethiopia. En H.P. Hahn y H. Weiss (eds.): Mobility, Meaning and Transformations of Things: shifting contexts of material culture through time and space. Oxford: Oxbow, 15-36.

González-Ruibal, A. (2012): Archaeology and the study of material culture: synergies with cultural psychology. En J. Vaalsiner (ed.): Oxford' Handbook of Cultural Psychology. New York: Oxford University Press, 132-162.

González-Ruibal, A. (2011): The archaeology of internment in Francoist Spain (1936-1952). In A. Myers and G. Moshenska (eds.): Archaeologies of internment. New York: Springer, 53-74.

González-Ruibal, A. (2011): Monuments of predation. Turco-Egyptian forts in Western Ethiopia. In P. Lane and K. MacDonald (eds.): The archaeology of slavery in Africa. Proceedings of the British Academy 168: 251-279.

González-Ruibal, A. (2010): Colonialism and European archaeology. In J. Lydon and U. Rizvi: Handbook of Postcolonial Archaeology. WAC Research Handbooks in Archaeology. Walnut Creek, CA: LeftCoast Press, 37-47.

González-Ruibal, A. (2009): Topography of terror or cultural heritage? The monuments of Franco's Spain. In N. Forbes, R. Page and G. Pérez (eds.): Europe's deadly century. Perspectives on 20th century conflict heritage, pp.65-72. Kemble Drive, Swindon: English Heritage.  [link]

González-Ruibal, A. (2009): Vernacular cosmopolitanism. An archaeological critique of universalistic reason. In L. Meskell (ed.): Cosmopolitan archaeologies, pp. 113-139. Durham: Duke University Press.  [link]


González-Ruibal, A. (2012): The fourth threshold (comment on M. Edgeworth: "Follow the cut, follow the rhythm, follow the material"). Norwegian Archaeological Review 45(1): 95-97.

González-Ruibal, A. (2011): Naturalizing the Anthropocene? Ideology, heritage and modernity (comment on B. Solli: "Some reflections on heritage and archaeology in the Anthropocene"). Norwegian Archaeological Review 44(1): 23-25.

González-Ruibal, A. (2011): In praise of depth (comment on R. Harrison: "Surface Assemblages"). Archaeological Dialogues 18: 164-168.

González-Ruibal, A. (2008): Post-political colonialism. A comment on J. Vives-Ferrándiz: "Negotiating colonial encounters". Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 21(2): 285-288.

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